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The 4th annual John Christmas Light Tour is here! For the second year, I have partnered with the North Okanagan Neurological Association (NONA) to help bring awareness and donations to their valuable programs. NONA's programs help families and caregivers of children with a wide range of developmental challenges in our community. Each home on the tour was sponsored by a local business that made a donation to NONA (see sponsors at the bottom of the page). Every home will be clearly marked with a John Christmas Light Tour sign and the logo of this year's sponsor. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the local businesses that supported this amazing cause and to the home owners for creating these amazing displays.


Each home was handpicked from the Vernon, BC area for the 2022 season. The list includes my family's favourite holiday houses - keep your eye out for our favourite holiday grinch and the life-sized elf that will be moving around to different homes on the tour throughout the month! If you follow the driving route, you will pass many noteworthy homes along the way. A friendly reminder not to go onto private property (without permission) and some lights may turn off at 9pm.


Grab your family, warm beverages, favourite Christmas snacks and follow the ordered list below.


1. 364 Marmot Court

2. 1430 Copper Mountain Court

3. 6653 Blackcomb Way

This artist did such a wonderful job and may have even had help from some Minions! See if you can spot them all.


It's a bit of a drive out to the next 2 but there are many beautiful small displays along the way. 

Display 4 and 5 are absolutely stunning!!

4. 5100 Dixon Dam Road

5. 4188 East Vernon Road

6. 1206 43rd Avenue

Santa and his crew of reindeer were spotted here. Try to spot them before they take off!

**The artist has a photo spot off the sidewalk. Candy canes are available as well!**

7. 1805 32nd Avenue

I can't resist a 1905 home in East Hill that is filled with Christmas spirit. 

8. 2802 34 Street

Welcome to NONA.  Feel free to drive through and look at the amazing work going on at Santa's Workshop. Make sure the reindeer are behaving at the Reindeer Training area. Be sure to come back on December 17th from 5-8 PM. Santa, myself and all his helpers will be there with small surprises!!

9. 3302 21 Avenue

The battle continues on this street. The competition is heating up and getting better every year! I love this.

10. 3408 20 Avenue

(This display is having some issues. If it is not on, we apologize!)

One of our youngest artist who puts on an amazing show every year since I started the John Christmas Light Tour.

11. 4504 Valleyview Place

There are multiple displays in this area that are fantastic. Be sure to check out 4416 Bellevue Drive while you are here. 

12. 1500 43 Street

This display gives Clark Griswold a run for his money.

13. 5617 South Vernon Drive

14. 5500 Okanagan Avenue

15. 5769 Teal Drive

This artist does such a fantastic job with some classic pieces. Enjoy this one!

16. 2221 Canary Place

This cul-de-sac is magical.

17. 7043 Amber Drive

18. 7156 Lakeridge Drive

Hot Chocolate by donation available tonight! December 17th

19. 7966 Okanagan Landing Road

A 1903 heritage home that was a fan favourite last year! This is an absolute must see.

20. 8902 Eastside Road

Please feel free to park on the road and walk down the driveway to check out this light display! Amazing lights, peaceful and right next to Okanagan Lake to finish this years John Christmas Light Tour. Merry Christmas!

If you enjoyed the tour, please consider making a donation to NONA

Don't forget to follow me on Facebook or Instagram @johnchristmaseveryday to tell me how it was!


See you next year!


A special thanks to this years sponsors for their generous donations to NONA

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