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For the first time the John Christmas Light Tour is in Armstrong! I have selected 5 of the most magical homes in Armstrong and they will not disappoint! Just like the Vernon tour, this mini tour is partnered with the North Okanagan Neurological Association (NONA) to help bring awareness and donations to their valuable programs. NONA's programs help families and caregivers of children with a wide range of developmental challenges in our communities. Each home on the tour was sponsored by a local business that made a donation to NONA (see sponsors at the bottom of the page). Homes are marked with a John Christmas Light Tour sign and the logo of this year's sponsor. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the local businesses that supported this amazing cause and to the home owners for creating these amazing displays.

My family and I handpicked each of the five homes on this tour. We had a great time searching Armstrong for the best displays - keep your eye out for a neighbourhood rivalry. A friendly reminder not to go onto private property (without permission) and some lights may turn off at 9pm.


Grab your family, warm beverages, favourite Christmas snacks and follow the ordered list below.


If you enjoyed the tour, please consider making a donation to NONA

Don't forget to follow me on Facebook or Instagram @johnchristmaseveryday to tell me how it was!


See you next year!


A special thanks to this years sponsor for their generous donations to NONA

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