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Christmas Light Tour 2020, Vernon, BC

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Last year I decided to compile the community's best lit houses into an easy to follow tour. Thanks to your positive feedback, the tour is making a return! This list was handpicked for the 2020 season to include my family's favourite holiday houses and will lead you past many noteworthy homes along the way. So, get your warm beverages, favourite Christmas snacks and follow the list below.

Click here to view on Google Maps.

Start the tour here:

1. 7156 Lakeridge Drive

2. 7043 Amber Drive

3. 7966 Okanagan Landing Road

A unique character home built in 1908. This heritage home is stunning with a great Christmas display!

*Check out all of Longacre Drive "6974 Longacre Drive and the neighbours seem to be having a light off!". This street has several displays all the way through and is on route to the next home!

3. 5769 Teal Drive

4. 2205 Canary Place

5. 5617 South Vernon Drive

6. 1500 43 Street

7. 1409 43 Street

8. 4416 Bellevue Drive

9. 4504 Valleyview Place

10. 3408 20th Ave

This display artist is young and has a great start to his Christmas set up. I look forward to seeing this collection grow as he has some new additions already. Be sure to head down 34 Street as it looks like we are having a bit of competition down there. The displays keep growing every time I drive by.

11. 3904 25 Street

National Lampoons and A Christmas Story Collide in this stunner!

12. 2002 30 Avenue

13. 1104 29th Avenue

A little reminder of the estimated time until Christmas!

These last 6 consist of a little more driving, but the roads will offer many displays along the way. Also they may not be up and running fully until a little more into December.

14. 4188 East Vernon Road

15. 5100 Dixon Dam Road

16. 364 Marmot Court

17. 1430 Copper Mountain Court

18. 5026 Silverstar Road

This one is best to view going up Silverstar Road heading towards the ski hill.

19. 7435 L & A Road

Try to spot the Christmas star across the valley. You're about to see it up close at the last home!

20. 6439 Blue Jay Road

Be sure to check out this area as there are a few notable homes in here! This Christmas star is amazing!

A few viewer submissions here if you are craving more. This list will continue to be updated as I am told of them.

-3412 15 Avenue (Emmanuel Baptists Christmas Nativity Drive Thru) This is an event in place of the popular "Bethlehem Star" from December 1-24th. 5:30 - 9 PM (5 minute shows)

-8902 Eastside Road

-1406 28th Avenue

-30 Midland Drive

-1206 43 Avenue

I hope you had a great time! Follow me on Facebook @johnchristmaseveryday and tell me how it was! Feel free to let me know your favourite display in the comments below.

*If you know of a home you think should be included contact me and I'll verify if it cracks the John Christmas approved list!

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